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From a showpiece in the house to practical and efficient storage, a closet can mean many different things to different people. Whatever your closet needs, we have you covered.

The easiest way to begin is to find and collect pictures of closets that appeal to your needs and desires. This could be from Pinterest, design magazines, or anywhere else you may find your inspiration. Often times, pieces of different pictures are combined to come up with a final product.

Some of the things to consider when planning your closet project:

  • Colour of cabinet doors - are you matching existing cabinets, trim, etc.? Are you looking for all open cabinets?

  • Is there a style that appeals to you? Are you interested in a modern or a traditional look?

  • Are you interested in adding seating?

  • What sort of things are you putting in your closet? Long garments? More drawers? Do you need storage space?

  • Is there a colour / style of hardware that appeals to you?

The process:

Often times, removing an older closet / shelving is something that we take on ourselves and include that cost in the estimate. If it is a larger job requiring major drywall repair / painting / electrical work it should be done through a general contractor (we can help coordinate this).

After this work is completed, the cabinets will be brought to your house (already built) and installed. Installation of the cabinetry usually takes around 1-3 days depending on the scope of the work.

If you are considering a new closet or closet makeover, we would be happy to come look at your space, discuss design options and give you an estimate - all free of charge. Contact us today.





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